Here’s Your Chance to Win a Opto 22 RIO Learning Center with iControls.

Want to accelerate your IIOT and Industry 4.0 knowledge and skills, this is how to Win Opto 22 RIO Learning Center


What is the Groov Rio?

The Groov Rio Learning Center gives you the tool set to develop the skills you need to implement the latest in IIOT. Built for Edge Applications the Rio Supports MQTT out of the box has pre-installed Node-Red, Ignition Edge and supports Open VPN and Shell Access.

Develop Hi-tech applications to publish your data across many levels of the Automation Stack.

Whether your doing Advanced Analytics in the cloud or Processing data from the edge the Groov Rio supports your requirements.

The Groov Rio Learning Center gives you a prebuilt solution with onboard Digital Inputs (2 x Pushbuttons, 1 x Momentary, 1 x Persistent) 2 x Analog Inputs  (Thermocouple and Potentiometer) and Output LED’s built into the RIO.

Opto22 Groov RIO Bridging the GAP

Bridging the GAP

The Groov RIO assists engineers bridge the gap between IT and OT by securely integrating disparate systems.

Normalising Industrial Protocols with Ignition Edge and utilising the power of MQTT and Sparkplug to scale devices from field to the cloud.

Want to learn more about the RIO,

Find More Infomation here

Learn and Win

How Can you Enter the Competition?


This Competition is for Australian and New Zealand Residents and we encourage everyone to get involved, The Competition is running until the 30th June 2022 and will be drawn shortly after.


Step 1:  Follow the iControls LinkedIn Page at the link below.

This is where you will find out whether you have won and any future competitions we will run.

Follow the iControls LinkedIn Page.


Step 2: Complete the Inductive University Program

The Course Created by Inductive Automation called Inductive University is a 100% free

training course built to learn the skills needed to use the Ignition Software Platform

and empower users to leverage the potential of the platform. The Inductive University program supports a,

at your own pace approach meaning that you can select the content you want to learn about.


Register for Inductive University Here

100% completion of the program will unlock the ability to request a “Core Test”  within your Account.


Step 3 : The Core Test

The Core Test is a two-part challenge of what you have learned through the Inductive University Program.

You will be issued a Project to debug giving you tasks to correct some common errors in implementation.

The second part gives you an opportunity to shine with the freedom to solve problems issued by the IA team.

Submit your Core Test for assessment by the IA team.

Assessments submitted between 1st April to June 30th June will be considered as entries.


Step 4: Certified

That’s it you are now Certified and you are in the Draw to win the Opto 22 Groov RIO Learning Center

and you also now have the skills to develop new and innovative applications with the use of Ignition.


Congratulations and Good Luck with the Competition.


Any Questions? Contact us


Competition Closes : 30th June 2022

Draw Date: 1st August 2022.


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